Version: 0.02.22.B

(We're currently working on the Beta update, which will shift Strife! over from Experimental Mode to the wonders of Filtering Enabled. For those who don't know, ROBLOX recently made a change that has forcibly moved all Experimental Mode games to Filtering Enabled, making Strife! unplayable in its current state. This will take some time as we're doing a complete rewrite of the game's code, so please hold on to your seats while we work on bringing you an improved Strife! experience, brimming with new and refurbished content and classes!)

A cool fighting game! Soon to have a legit description! Take note that this game is still in Alpha; expect bugs, and please report any that you encounter to the group. We have plans for a currency system, new game modes, more classes, gamepasses for cosmetic purposes, and much more!

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