👍 3,000 Likes = BOSS FIGHT

Your the cameraman, find SKIBI in a rundown bathroom, is there an escape?


2023-11-10 - Added 16 different badges you can obtain, fixed major bugs
You may need to join a VIP server which is free, for it to be updated on your end.
Join the communications server and message me to give suggestions or report bugs!

😵 How To Play:

🔑 Use Keys To Open Doors And Find All 16 Plungers!
🚽 Try Not to Die From The SKIBI Toilet
🎁 Use Ur Coins In the Shop To Get Gadgets To Help Escape
🏆 Once You Have All 16 Plungers You Can Escape SKIBI

💖 Join our Group And Like The game For +1 Life

🪀 Tags: Survival, Roleplay, Adventure, Story, Skibi, Skibi Toilet, Toilet, Skibid, Horror, Camera, Cameraman, Camera man, SKIBI [HORROR], Skibiti , Skibiti Horror, Skibidi Toliet


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