🔥 Wait And Earn Releases on March 1st at 8pm UK Time! Watch the release timer in UGC Dice Game:

Wait And Earn X is an AFK grinding game to make friends, and earn group funds!

🔥 LATEST UPDATE (February 16th) 🔥
- Game has been announced to release on March 1st at 8pm UK Time!

⌚ 3 Main Goals of this game:
- Make New Friends
- Wait the most and earn group funds
- Participate in Server Events!

🛡️ Premium Benefits:
- Click "Z" to equip a RAINBOW TRAIL! 🌈
- A FREE Badge to redeem when joining! 🎗️

🏗️ Credits:
@setinman2 - Scripting & UI Design
@DesertFoxLG - Building
@Da7oomi2014 - Shirt Partner

🏷️ Tags:
funds, robux, wait, earn, fun, friends, hangout, events, premium, winner, real, fighting, development, spawn, happy, enjoyable


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