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🛍️ US Open Shop with lots of cool UGCs!

🎾 Become one of the Champions of the Court!🎾
🎾 Singles (1v1) & Doubles (2v2) Tennis with your friends and other players. 
✈️ Emirates ‘Fly Better’ Adventure Zone
👕 Take on the Ball Crew Obby! You better be ‘on the ball’ if you want to reach the top. 🧗 
👀 Complete the Scavenger Hunt! 🧭 
🤝 Chance to meet American Tennis legend, former world No. 1, Billie Jean King! 🥇
🤼 Go up against the one and only Coco Gauff! 👑 
🛍️ US Open Shop with lots of cool UGCs!
🎾 Dodge tennis balls to improve footwork.
🎾 Smash the block wall with your power shot.


There are currently no running experiences.