You get 1 free skip in Level 1 and 8 if you join the group!

❗Big thanks to Albert/Flamingo for creating the characters used in the game!❗
❗And thanks to the creator of Escape Running Head❗

🏆When completing a level, a trophy will appear in level 1.🏆

Can you survive the Felipe heads running around?
This game is similar to an obstacle course (obby).

Can you escape and survive the head? The Running Head?

Felipe will not spare your life.

In this platformer, you will go on a funny adventure where you need to defeat the Felipe heads and stop them from invading the world. Some levels have a maze, some don't. Some levels are very colorful, some are less colorful. Levels have different themes.

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🔊Some music from Undertale/Deltarune🔊


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