Like the game and join the group for new gloves to come faster! 👍

Join the community server for sneakpeaks, giveaways, ban appeals, and more! ⏰

This is a game inspired by Slap Battles, but with fanmade gloves designed as killstreak! 🥊

Creators of music: DM Dokuro, Undertale, Glitchtale, Deltarune, and remixes of these four genres. 🎵

Any exploiting will get you perm banned. Don't risk it! ⛔

Put your Slap Battles skills to the test! Choose killstreak type gloves and enter the arenas! Join the madness, get millions of slaps, and prove yourself as the ultimate chaos killstreak master. 🥎

Credit: Most ideas in game, Thenoobzo 💡
Credit: Art made in game, N00b_B4c0nS0, tfx_foxer 🎨

Tags: obby rthro Adopt Me Among Us Minecraft slap battles doors challenge tower of hell rthro seek figure creeper minecraft real escape skibi toilet grimace shake titan speakerman


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