☯️ Zen Update ☯️
When you reach 2 billion Chi, you can Zen Rebirth to reset your Chi and gain 1 Zen. With Zen you grow much more powerful! Also leaderboards for Most Rebirths and Most Zen have been added!

☯️ Welcome to Karate Chop Simulator! ☯️

👊 Chop different kinds of boards to get more powerful and unlock new types of breakable boards!

🎮 You can double jump and dash in mid-air by pressing the jump button!

👊 Defeat other players outside the Safe Zone to get +15 Chi!

👊 Become the strongest and be at the top of the leaderboard!

👊 Earn different Karate Belts as you gain more and more Chi!

👊 Follow @Am_brick1 for codes to get Chi and Exp boosts!

🎮 Play on PC, XBOX and MOBILE!


There are currently no running experiences.