In the center of a magma filled crater rests the Brimstone Garden. Absolutely everything here is by me except for the skybox which was created by Roblox. By the one and only, Blockrat. I AM NOT SELLING IT FOR ANY PRICE. Sorry about the capital letters, but, obviously, they stand out. The point is it's simply not for sale, and nothing can change my mind about that. The genre is actually "Showcase", but Roblox won't make it official. This means it is just art, not a game with a purpose. Also, thanks for all the suggestions and compliments. One last thing, I'm cool with you guys being inspired by this, but if you make something of your own, please use a different name. Of course, if you like this place, check out my other places. Thanks! (Garden, Noun, a piece of ground or other space, used as a park or other public recreation area)


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