Welcome to Marlin Bay!


**OFFICIAL GROUP:**!/about

If you're interested in joining a boating game, and unlocking locked things, join our group!

⚠️⚠️This game is only recommended for high end devices, such as PC, If you don't have a high end device, please consider playing on a better device or play the low end region. ⚠️⚠️

👍 Be sure to like the game!

Last Update | 7/26

**Please note:** This is beta, so many bugs may occur. If you have any issues or bugs, let us know in our communications server

.tags- marlin bay, truck, lake, boating, boat, fishing, fish, fisherman, boats, boating game, truck game, trucking, mudding, lake ozark, bace bay

credits -
Officialdevryder - Scripting, Head of development
 Pop_Tart2385 - Scripting, UI, Building.


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