⛩️Welcome to Slayer Corps Simulator⛩️
Collect 48+ Slayer & Demon characters Equip Slayer & Demon for your corps. 

How to play? 
🔥- Summon legend & mythic slayers. 
💪- Fuse & upgrade your units. 
🌟- Power up with max talent. 
👺- Collect and forge Katana. 
👿- Join raids together. 

🎁 Former Code: Welcome, Christmas, HappyNewYear, demonsoul, AppreciateYou, sBO8ay,0lnOO,TtzAVnL 
🎁 LIKE CODE: 1000likes 
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🎁 5K LIKE CODE: adou5000likes
🤩 New like codes at 10K Likes 
Join our group for an extra hero slot! 

🌟4.17 Updates   
1. The 10th world-class award for new activity
2. Add a mount         


There are currently no running experiences.