This game is in Beta. It is completed, but there may be bugs unforseen. Report any bugs to me.

--This game IS NOT a copy of Murder Mystery. In fact, this game was created a WEEK BEFORE Murder Mystery, so I don't want to hear any complaints on that issue.--

This is very similar to [G]Mod Murder, but with more twist and randomized gameplay.

The #1 game rule is simple: Don't die.

There are four game modes.

There are three roles that are given.
1. Murderer- Task: Kill all innocents, and break the murderer tester.
2. Innocent- Task: Kill the murderer without killing other innocents.
3. Mechanic- Task: Kill the murderer, and fix the murderer tester.

Leave a like and drop a comment bellow to help the game improve! Thanks a ton!

--Tiger Studio: TigerCaptain, misgav11, Lowie024

Tags (Ignore): GMod, Murderer, GarrysMod, Knife, Pistol, Mechanic, Tester,Traitor, Death, Killing, Blood, Mansion, Cave, Forest, Town, Radar, Points, Winner, Bullet, Jugg, Juggernaut,

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