⚠️ This game is made for 2 players, to get the best experience play with a friend. ⚠️

Climb your way out of a deep pit with your friend in this obby game. The pit is unforgiving and the climb is tough, but you’re not alone. You and your friend are attached via an elastic rope that will test your teamwork and coordination. Learn how to use the rope to your advantage and overcome the challenges of being dependent on each other. Can you make it to the top?

How to start:
 - Go up to someone you'd like to pair up with.
 - Press the "Request rope" button.
 - To accept a request simply go up a requesting person and request a rope back.
 - You're set, have fun!

⛰️ Current maximum altitude: 500 M

Developer credits: Maxiimized [Building | Scripting], R0T1CAL [Building | Scripting], FlowingHourglass [Building]


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