[Weeeeooooo Weeeooo!! 
Noobs are taking all over the world!!
From government's report, they are using "warpholes" to invade our world
They, are, UNSTOPPABBBB!!111!!!!11!!1!!1!!

But we can at least send them to their world. Get guns, Get into captured warphole ASAP!]
--GearLand is a PvE wave game where players fight against noobs

Follow @_FoxBin_ for update information
[Credits to mitumitu17YN] for making trailer]
Update Log
 Ver 2.0 New 6 weapons with new upgradable stats! Buffed some weapons to be worth for their tiers
 Ver 1.7 Minor bug fixes
 Ver 1.6 Enemies spawn even more closely with new cool effects
[Release date : 5/6/2018]


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