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⚔️OPEN CHESTS to get epic swords and shields!
💥BEAT DUNGEONS to get rewards!
🦄SUMMON MOUNTS to get even stronger!
🦅GET WINGS to get bonus stats!
🗡️BATTLE PLAYERS to rank up!
🤝INVITE FRIENDS to get daily rewards!

1. 2 New Companions: Minerva & Cyrus
2. 2 New Chest Skins: Nom nom & Hourglass Chests
3. Overall performance improvements
4. New UGC released!
5. Stay tuned for next update!

LIMITED UGC for players that complete all of the quests! Make sure to complete it all so that you don't miss out!

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Featured Icon & thumbnail UGC:  VowsBySaturn (Valdis, the ablaze helm)


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