Taking place on the coast of Newfoundland Canada during 2024, Murs De Fer is a prison city for people with superhuman abilities. With walls that take it to the sky, this place is no paradise, as you come to realize. As soon as you are registered, you walk out into a cloudy mist of pollution, with Sector One watching your every move.
This is an RP that's driven by the group, you cannot enter the city unless you're ranked a PAS of Unclassed or above or have the gates opened by an S1 Unit.
To be officially ranked and given permanent access to the city, you must show good roleplay qualities;
• Experience roleplaying in other games
• Creativity and believability within your character
• A balanced, fair ability that's realistic for the setting (Ask an HR.)
• Speed and clarity of typing
• Obedience to the rules set.
Although joining the group chat is not required, it is very much recommended in order to get the most out of this game. 


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