Latest update (10/14/18):
>Added developer product functionality for "One More Life", "Extra Speed", and "Start at 1,000"
>Fixed some bugs with the obstacle generator
>Avatar Customization coming soon

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RUN is a game about.... well, running. What are you running from exactly? No one knows.

RUN takes the simplistic idea of the Roblox classic, an obby, and makes it.. well, even more simpler. Not simpler to finish, because there is no finish, but instead everything is generated on-the-spot and in a straight line. This guarantees that no two servers will EVER be the same, ensuring hours upon hours of never-ending, never-boring gameplay. Race to the top of the leaderboards against 99 other players as you watch others either fall into that yucky, green liquid and drown or surpass you.

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