[UPDATE 1.4]
-Hard Gamemode
-Roulette Gamemode
-New Random Events
-New Themes

Inspired by 60 Seconds, Radiant Residents is a MULTIPLAYER survival horror game where the end of the world has finally come. You have 1 minute to collect items from your house and retreat to the bunker. Beware as disturbing creatures lurk outside the vault. How many days can you survive fighting off these entities? 

NOTE: This game is in BETA, there will be bugs/glitches
WARNING: This game contains sudden jumpscares, loud noises, PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Credits: SmukoZ: Lobby Theme, 60 Seconds Theme, Alt. Vault Theme, Alien Minigame Music, Halloween Vault Theme AJH5704: Vault Theme


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