Welcome to Pixel Incremental!

Collect pixels to buy upgrades or roll your tier! 🍀 
Level up to get Points! 👍
Go through many reset layers and unlock new features/ areas! 🌌
Earn rare pixels to get RGB points! ✨
Grind the leaderboards to become #1! 🌍

Join the roblox group Nixe Studios for x2 Luck!

Sorry for the last maintenance. Was just a little bug, but now you can enjoy the game with hopefully no more data losses!

Update log (Update 4, v1.5.1):
-added 1m event!!
-new stat!
-bug fixes!!
-more stuff


-@Nixeazz(me!)- Scripting/ Project owner
-@FriesObj - Building/ Modeling

Inspired by Endless Luck and Grass Cutting Incremental


There are currently no running experiences.