* Added building plots which save your creations!

* Added weapon durability
* Bank completed
* Now uses DataStore2!
* Added snow biome
* NEW SHOP! Players can now sell items, which other players can buy!
*Crafting redone
*Client side mob movements with pathfinding
*Inventory system serverside
*Town design is near complete; Added quest building and shop building
*Added Teleport Spell
*Working smelting
*Added Iron
*New navigation compass
*New Stats System
*New Bank
*New Spawn Town
*Hotbar Fix
*First person tools
*Added Running with stamina
*Added Furnaces
*Changed Models
*New Inventory System

Infinite Stone! The player can now mine below ground near infinitely.

* Major Change to the Terrain Generation Engine!
Now uses a circle with a custom radius to generate land with effects.


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