Push ragdolls off skyscrapers and into other traps!

● Lag reduction updates!
● MODIFICATIONS: a new Assault Rifle upgrade is now available for 700 oofs!
● WEAPON SKINS game pass!
● A HIDDEN powerful new gear has been added! Can you find it? ❄️
● HAPPY 6TH ANNIVERSARY! 🎊🎉 NEW ZONE: Tower of the 6th Winter NOW available! 🌨️
● Grenade buff!
● SPONSORED GEAR perks have launched! Currently featuring the Rubber Chicken Launcher and Fencing Foil!
● Gear is now supported! If you equip a gear on your ROBLOX avatar you will be able to use it!

● This is a comedy game based on classic dummies and uses the old ROBLOX death sound.
● Game fully designed and scripted by OofGamesLord, including the builds.
● I bought the rights to use the OOF sound in this game! All credit to Tommy Tallarico!

: 〉 Oof Games 2 production.


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