🤑 Earn double XP & get up to 25% off game passes now until July 6th! 🤑

🔫 The FPS Update (4.0.1): 🔫

👤 New first person mode!
👕 R15, R6, Rthro & layered clothing support!
🏕️ New map!
⚔️ Four new weapons!
📱 New auto-firing mode for mobile users!
☢️ Nuke Launcher rocket jumping!
🐛 Bug fixes!
➕ And so much more!

Fight off continuous waves of zombies and unlock new weapons to survive the apocalypse, or play as a zombie to finish off the remaining survivors! 

⭐ Join the Beacon Studio group for an exclusive in-game sword!

📑 4.0.1 Patch Notes:
⚖️ Community Guidelines:

🔨 Credits:
@HomingBeaconRBX - Creator, Programmer, Builder & Animator
@FracturedSkies_ - Builder, Designer, Animator & Community Manager

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