🙈 Welcome to Gorilla Simulator 2! Roam a huge jungle as a gorilla and eat different foods to grow big and strong. Steal other gorillas bananas to make them mad, or try to become the Gorilla King! Can you reach the top of the leaderboards? 🍃

 TWITTER: @AvectusRBLX (Follow for new codes!) 

🙈 Join the community group for extra bonuses! 🥥

*Note: Your stats save automatically! 

Got any suggestions or found a glitch? PM Avectus about it! 

🙈 Controls: 
Eat Banana - Banana Item (All) 
Attack - Attack Item (All)  🍃
Roll - Hold SHIFT (PC) | Hold B (Xbox) | On-screen button (Mobile)
Roar - Press E (PC) | Press X (Xbox) | On-screen button(Mobile) 🥥

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