⚡  In this game of focus, timing, and strategy, your skill is tested as a deflectable homing ball hunts players with increasing speed. But there's more than what meets the eye.

🔥  Gain new abilities and upgrade them to compliment your playstyle. Rise through the ranks by mastering your skill, and stand out with a variety of iconic weapon skins and finisher effects.

🏆 Shoot for the leaderboard or play casually! The choice is yours.

🎮 💻 📱 Play Blade Ball on any device! 

BLOCK - F/R1/Tap Screen/Tap UI Button/Left Click
ABILITY - Q/ButtonX/Tap UI Button/Right Click
SHIFTLOCK - Shift/Button-Y/Tap UI Button
EMOTE - R/L1/Tap UI Button

⚠️ Game is still in beta! You may rarely encounter bugs.

tags: minigame, battle game, pvp, multiplayer, abilities, dodgeball, sports, mobile, console, xbox, pc


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