Welcome to Woodchopping Simulator! Your goal is to cut down as many trees as humanly possible! Once you chop down a tree go over to the green circle and sell your logs and grow up the Mega Tree! You can also upgrade your tools and explore the map! 

Update Log: 
📦CRATES📦 - Added Chance Percentages

🔥JETPACKS☁️ - Find jetpacks in-game at the Pack Shop which grant you the ability to fly!

📦CRATES📦 - Use crates in-game for a guaranteed  chance to win money! Find the "CRATES" near the Pets shop!

⛵Free Boat - Redeem your free boat at Boats Inc. I can be found across the bridge! 

💰 Put in Code "RETURN" for 200 free coins! 💰 

Invite friends to make your Woodcutting experience better! If you don't like the game, please say why on the group wall! Join the group for a FREE BACKPACK!🎒 

Have fan art? Tweet @Gavineoo on twitter to have a chance of getting it in-game! Current Supported Languages: English, Spanish


There are currently no running experiences.