If you press 'like', three generations will become rich💵
if you press 'dislike', three generations will experience hair loss🚨!

🎵 Sing the song, 💬 communicate, and enjoy!
✨ Joining the group will entitle you to various benefits!

The minimum system requirements for our game are 6-12GB+ of storage space(💾), the latest version of the operating system (OS)(💻), and the OS username must consist solely of English alphabets(🔠).

💾 "It seems like the effect of the Game Pass has disappeared!" (For those who purchased it in a previous game)
Access the mentioned game and wait until you return to the original game!
If the effect still seems to be gone, please report it to the community server!

⭐ Press 'Favorite', 'Follow' to not miss any updates!

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