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This game is currently in alpha and many features are absent. Please leave suggestions in group.

Welcome to Lucky Lockups! A round-based storage lockup auction game. Outbid the other players and win the lockup, and try to turn a profit selling items within

Game Rules:
- Every second game is a "sealed" round. The door will not open but the items inside will be worth more than they are during normal rounds.
- Item counts are calculated as 2 per player, with a minimum of 5 items.
- The winner of the lockup has a few seconds to sell the items in their unit while avoiding items which will cost money to dispose of.
- The winner of the lockup will gain 25XP when they win.
- In single-player auctions, the base price will be the average price of the lockup. There is a 50/50 chance that you will profit if you are the only bidder. We strongly suggest you play in a populated server for a funner and fairer experience.


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