Chat "/togglecosmetics" to remove cosmetics & get less lag!

⭐Favorite the game and join Sonar Studios' for in-game rewards! 

Sonar Studios' presents Animal Kingdom! Pick and build your own adventure through roleplay or battle! Fly through the sky as a bird or roam the forest as a wolf. Enable PvP mode to fight with awesome animals and dinosaurs using cool abilities! 

🦒Transform into any creature, can you become the ultimate animal?!


Note the game is in an early state, everything you see is subject to change! Thank you for testing with us ❤️

🎭 Roleplay with friends
🦙 Level up animal for powerful attacks
🐙Unlock rare skins & cosmetics
🍅Farm XP to unlock more abilities & animals
💎Discover items
🧭Explore a vast world
👥Meet new friends
⛏️Collect and earn resources

Tags: Animal, Simulator, Sim, Fighting, Role-playing, Roleplay, Rp, Cats, Dogs, Wolves, Dinosaur


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