personal project
I've decided to discontinue this project as it was conceived with a very particular mental headspace, and I don't think I'm capable of returning to that at this time so I'll be moving on to other urban-asian and cyberpunk projects
now about making it public: I half want this to be public but on the other hand there's content in here that plainly is likely inappropriate for most audiences and I have no desire to take out those things or compromise what I was trying to do when building this. chrysalism wasn't planned to be a public showcase per se but rather a way to get certain ideas out of my head; as such I'd like to restrict it to friends only indefinitely and until further notice.
to anyone who has access to this place, it'd be ideal to turn off the ingame sound and look up the song "no below"
art credits to: marumiyan, damascus apparel, machine 56, asterhung, easy demons club, marc allante, minjae lee

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