Equip the keyboard and then type in the name of the enemies to kill them. 

Join the gaming group, Top Tier for the Team Keyboard (which heals!) at:
After you've joined this group, you can equip the Team Keyboard located in the shop! 

You can earn free reputation by visiting every day! 

This game is still in development, and may have some bugs. Please message me if you find any bugs (or if you have any suggestions) and I will be very grateful! 

If you feel that a word is too strong or offensive, please send me a message and I will take it out. 

Music Producer: ColorfulBrendon 
(If you feel you should be added, please send me a message!)

Zombie Keyboard can now be activated by clicking. 
Spectate button has been added!
Hints GUI has been completed. 
Echo bot resets now every few minutes.


There are currently no running experiences.