Unlock attachments and create cursed weapons!

Cold war update May 1st

 GLARE is in Alpha, Expect glitches, bugs, and unfinished work
If you bought the Glare Saber and didn't get it, you should have it now!

Sprint: LShift
AltAim: LShift
StanceUp: X
StanceDown: C
Crouch: Z
Prone: Left Ctrl

Melee: F
Hold F to Hold Melee
Lethal: G
Tactical: T
Fire Mode Switch: V

Reset: F5

Change Keybinds in Settings

Content updates happen about every month
Updates at 5PM EST
See patch notes for update details

Glare is a new FPS game on Roblox
experience absolute chaos!!!!!

A new Versatile FPS with non repetitive gameplay! (repetitive until more gamemodes and maps)

🙏Remember to leave a like to keep the game growing! 🙏

FPS, First Person Shooter, Shooter, Guns, Attachments, Chaos, Customization, Gun Skins, Camos, Fast Paced, Deathmatch, Shooter, , PVP, Military, Multiplayer, Guns, War, Warfare 


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