NOTICE: This game is no longer receiving updates. Thank you everyone for the amazing experience and support I've gotten from this game.

Welcome to Pro Rugball!

- There are 2 quarters, each with a play time of 5 minutes.
- You have 8 seconds to shoot, which is the throw clock time.
- Each team must throw the ball inside the ring of their team's color, which will award them a point.
- Out of bounds, close violations, or throw clock violations will result in the other team starting off with the ball.
- Close violations are when the player enters the inner circle of their goal's area.
- The team who has the most points in the end wins!

- az_iee | Lead Programmer and Frontend Programming
- SkillsPlaysOFFICIAL | Web Programming and Backend Programming
- bredv2s | Built stadium
- lJokes | Original game/idea (Game was re-created because his version was old and broken)


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