DISCLAIMER: Archeximus is not affiliated with this version and has purposely chosen not to work on it.

Survival and wave based shooter with a heavy emphasis on individual as well as team performance and not failing. You will fail, and are not expected to win or even perform well every run.

Press K to view all controls at any time.
Type votekick/[NAME] to vote kick a player.
Type /startholdout to begin Last Strandeds gamemode in Private Servers if you are the owner.

Thank you for helping with fixing bugs:
rbxg3d - current scripter
gnarpo - dupe client side

- Sound Credits -
Escape from Tarkov
Retail Royale
The Division 
The Culling 
Cry of Fear 

Official re-upload & continuation. Original by Archeximus.

Abuse of bugs will result in a ban. 


There are currently no running experiences.