Welcome! Owners of the track are 21Hezlep21 (Me) and ZachC5 (Co-Owner) It is a tough track to handle. Please thank Celloguy25 for the track.
(1st Season on this Daytona)
S1: CheeseCreeper34 (Different Daytona Model)
S2: CCCS 500: Smoke467
S2: Coke Zero Unlimited 400: CrazyCamaro24
S3: CCCS 500: ZachC5
S3: Coke Zero 400: MrDouglas40
S4: Daytona 500: Clonetrooper2261
S4: Coke Zero 400: Peters6221
CCTS (Coca-Cola Truck Series) 
S1: CCCS 300: xTrillxImagesx
S2: CCCS 300: iNoahking
--Large update 1/31/14. Credit to ZachC5 for the idea on the skybox spawn. I give all credit to him and the creator of the spawn.--

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