⚠️Closing/Закрытие/Cerrando/กำลังปิด/Fechando early February until further notice

Wanna create high quality pictures but don't have the time to do it in image editing programs? Or just too lazy? We got you covered! Take professional looking pictures and have fun doing it, or just hang out with friends! 

-Lighting options (L for easy open & close)
-Advanced pose tools (rotate, offset and click to pose limbs or body)
-VIP commands
-Green screens for capturing just your character (delete background in an image program). Changeable background color
-3D booths and background pics to pick and choose from

On computers, hit 'Prt Scrn' on your keyboard to take a photo. Find it in your computer's Roblox file. On mobile, Screenshot according to your device type.

Have fun and don't forget to like and favorite! Scripting done by Extuls.


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