The final resting place of John "Jack" Cantin (2000-2018), otherwise known as our late Emperor Nekesti.

"We regret with heavy sadness to have to inform you that, following Nekesti's untimely and extremely saddening death, NSE has been doomed to stagnate without it's Emperor. After this news was delivered to the Dark Council, we spent many weeks arguing on what was next for the group; what was next for this passionate community that Nekesti built from the dirt? After a long period of inconclusive debates, it has been determined that the best course of action is to lay the Empire down to rest with it's Emperor. The Empire is Nekesti's creation, and it requires his own guidance to survive and thrive; there was no contingency plan for what has happened. This adversely shocking situation was never expected, and it has shattered the will of many of us.

Goodbye Nekesti, NSE and it's community; everyone will be fondly remembered and missed."


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