Developer School has been liked by, over 2,000 users and gaining! We use an Advanced GUI to teach you hard or easy lessons on LUA. It is only 🤑 30 ROBUX 🤑 for a 4 in 1 deal. You learn how to make a better game. Also you learn how to script. 3rd you learn how to build. 4th You learn how to make GUIs It's a great deal for only 30 Robux. We also have Developer Booths to hire great experienced Developers!

❗️ NOTE: We update every other weekend. ❗️

📖 Language: English and Spanish! 📖

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😋 Developer Team 😋 
Created By: NorthTimeGaming_Dev
Scripted By: Pe_1
Built By: nghtmre1
Built By: The_Arcanist

🛑 NOTE: All of our music is provided by NoCopyrightSounds on YouTube. 🛑

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