Welcome to The Lanes! A social hangout bowling alley. Chill in the cafe and challenge your friends to a game of ten pin bowling.

👑 Roblox Premium users get 2x pins! For every pin you knock over, you'll get two pin currency to use in the store.

💰 Use pins and coins to unlock new ball designs, animations, and play arcade games!

📱Mobile: Tap the ball you want from the ball rack near your lane when it's your turn. To aim, tap the area you want to aim at. To launch, swipe up on the screen when prompted.


- Concept, UI and Programming: BanTech
- Interior Design and Modelling: Zealous_Potato
- Bowling Animations: DarkBegin & ItsKoiske
- Clothing Designs: ItsKoiske
- Ball Designs: DotHollow

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