-SCP-939 is now more dangerous
-Revamped LCZ bridge and hallway
*A general shutdown means an update or fixes*

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SCP: Secure Contain Protect or Special Containment Procedures 
Site-61 is located in [REDACTED], Iceland. It's primary use is for research and containment of SCPs. After a major containment breach on [DATA EXPUNGED], GOC was sent in to construct an outpost near the Site borders in the event of another GOI attack. The Site is still being expanded due to the massive budget of the project. 

-Map: silou34 and TahDoge.
-SCPs: Brutez, Marioplaysgames
-Some of the scripted Morphs: TheCreaguy123
-SCRIPT fixes: iAmMew24, BrianNovius and agra thore.

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