👴🏻 Old Man Harold has been in a deep slumber for years. Explore his house but don't get caught! No one that's entered his house has EVER escaped! 

⚠️ Escape the Old Man!
🏃‍♂️ Jump through unique and hard obstacles to escape!
😡 Don't let Old Man Harold catch you!
⭐ Beat your friend's time score and become #1 on the Leaderboards!
⚠️ Play again the next day for a FREE rare pet, unlock hard mode AND receive an exclusive badge!

👍2,500 likes for new updates & an admin update!

👍LIKE and FAVORITE the game if you enjoyed the game! Receive special REWARDS for dropping a LIKE and joining the GROUP!👍!/about

💰SUPPORT us by purchasing a gamepass!

Tags: Obby Cartoony Fun Adventure Escape Motel Manager Sewer Get Eaten Evil Funny Toilet Trending Parkour Obstacle Course Scary Jump Dodge Boss Easy Hard Impossible Pets Pet Run Platform Obby


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