Shutdown = Update 👍

Passport: An official doc issued by the government, confirming the holder's identity to travel.
Pls: A dumb and shorter way for noobs to say "please"

Are you tired of those same old boring border games? aren't you just done with all the pay to win game-passes? don't you just hate it when you pass the border and you have nothing left to do? aren't you tired of Military Simulator's awful ads? Well, look no further! we almost promise none of those! Almost nobody has a chance of getting past the inspector! and border patrol will treat you horribly! Play today for a slightly different border game experience!

Join the Group to raise your chances of passing the border

Join the Army to Protect the Border

This game is designed to be difficult although we try to make frequent adjustments. Please do not take anything seriously as this is a ridiculous video game.


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