Wonder what's new?
🐘 Elephant pickup. Knock heavy blocks around!
👕 Unlock new outfits with Cheese!

Jump between platforms like Mario or something. It’s a-mean challenge! 
Compete against friends and family, brothers and sisters!

🥦 Eat broccoli to get bigger. Let’s a-grow! 
🧀 Collect the cheese. Goes well with peach! 
🏰 Seek alternative routes. Try a different castle! 
🌵 Dodge cactus and bullets. Be super careful! 
👑 Climb the global leaderboard. Be princess of the world! (Or prince.) 

🐚 Disclaimers: Any resemblance to little plumbers living or pixelated is purely coincidental. 🐚 

Team Code: Dr. Mario Brown 
Level design: David “Super” Smith 
3D art: Sir Luigi 
Artistic Direction: The Jones Brothers 
Production: HRH Princess Each

Tags: obby, mario, Adopt Me!, Royale High, Piggy, Tower of Hell, Brookhaven, Arsenal, Murder Mystery 2, MeepCity, Jailbreak, Ninja Legends, Easy Obby, bed wars, plz donate, roblox, fall guys, parkour, easy parkour


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