!!IMPORTANT NOTE!! This game's intent isn't to make any sorts of profit, and made purely for fun. This is only a fan game inspired by the Ben 10 franchise which means we do not own the rights to any of the characters or abilities. Ben 10 is a show made by Man of Action and owned by Warner Bros. !!Read before playing!! Everything you see in the game right now is only the Alpha version, it is by any means not final, many changes will be made later on in the future. 
Game Controls: 

Main Controls: 
Alt - Dash 
Left-Ctrl - Run
F - Block 
G - Rush 
M1 - Combo 
M - Menu 
Attack Controls: 
Z - Attack1 
X - Attack2 
C - Attack3 
V - Attack4 
B - Attack5
Omnitrix Controls: 
R - Prime 
E - Dial Right 
Q - Dial Left 
T - Transform/Detransform 
Y - Randomizer


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