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Work at a fast food place doing different jobs to eventually become the owner of the Cranky Crab restaurant!

Current Job Positions:
- Floor Sweeper
- Plunger Patrol
- Cashier
- Window Washer
- Mascot
- Fry Cook
And More!

As an employee of the Cranky Crab restaurant, it is your sworn duty to protect the Secret Formula being stolen by the Burglars who will come into the restaurant!

Or become a professional Jellyfisher and become the Legendary Fisherman by catching Jellyfish using a bunch of collectable Jellyfishing Nets!

Featuring the one-of-a-kind Crab Catcher's Club where you catch wild Crabs and sell them for a living using various Crab Pikes!

Don't forget to visit Grandma and help out with errands to earn bonus cash!

Game data saves automatically when you leave!

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