🥤Welcome to the Frappé® Quiz Center!

📝 This is the game to apply to become a Trainee and truly begin your barista career serving at Frappé! Experience our realistic interview simulation and answer just 10 multiple choice questions! 

📎 Join Frappé here in order to be eligible to apply and wait to be automatically ranked to Premium Customer:!/about

📘 If you pass the interview, you must attend one of our training sessions that are held daily. The Session Schedule:

⚠️ NOTE: Rthro and a few other packages aren't supported with the animations, so your avatar will be adjusted slightly. We will implement support for other packages in the near future.

🎨 UI Design by nana_kon
📃 Programmed by nana_kon and mqfaa
🛠 Building by Formeru
🚶‍♂️Animations by new_slates


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