Operate a forklift to complete the obby. Once you complete all 35 stages, you become forklift certified!
Full walk-through:
Go to the settings (gear icon) to toggle DPad controls.

• WASD - Move your forklift
• Q - Lower fork
• E - Raise fork 
• Double Tap R - Reset character

Admin commands:
• /explode [player]
• /fling [player] [power (optional)]
• /give [player (optional)] [tool] - tools include btools, sword, and rocket/rocketlauncher
• /hint [message]
• /kick [player]
• /kill [player]
• /msg [message]
• /noclip [player (optional)] - Toggles noclip
• /walk [player]
Private server owners and star creators get admin commands!

Note: Real forklift have turning wheels on the back but it would've made turning much harder in this game.
Not recommended for mobile!


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