Announcement | Legacy update will be released in parts. Next BOOST at 17K likes!

Legacy Update Part [1/4] [0-7-0]:
- New cap: 275
- Card ASTRAL Released
- OVERCAST Island (Rose Region):
	- New missions: "Lost-souls", "Pumpking"
	- 2 new bosses: "Horseman", "Pumpking"; Drops: "Hatchet", "Root"
- Hatter Re-added: drop "Divinity"
- DODGE Mechanic
- REPUTATION Leaderboard System
- New TITAN Move
- 4 new CODES:
	- Public: "1K4CODE"
	- 2 Unreleased: "XXXXXXX", "XXXXXXX"
	- 1 Secret
- Option to reset particles / skins
- Bugs fixes + new particles / skins

Coming soon: Legacy Update Part [2/4]:
- Snowfall Island

Game is open, bugs are lurking around, please give feedback on bugs and suggest improvements. Cards (supplies magic moves) spawn every 30 minutes.
(Rez_y) @rebzyrezz 
(Chowinz) @Chowinse

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