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🌐 - Explore an alien world in a faraway nebula
🔋 - Build and upgrade your futuristic sci-fi outpost to make money and sell power
🛸 - Defend your tycoon against enemy settlements and alien invasions
🥏 - Upgrade your exosuit's abilities to dash farther and jump higher

What's new in this update?
· Suits
· Pickaxes & Mining
· Invasion adjustments
· Accessibility settings
· 3 New gamepasses
· Resettlement (Rebirths)
· Tutorials
+ Many more small features and bugfixes!

Join the Mad Labs group for a free weapon! (Equip in armoury)
⚠️ Game is new and in early stages. Expect frequent shutdowns for updates, bug fixes, and new features.


There are currently no running experiences.