Secret Neighbor, a multiplayer social horror game that challenges you to uncover the secrets hidden in your neighbor's infamous house, NOW on ROBLOX.

QoL#1 Changes: 

🏁 Jump in the PORTALS to start your fav game mode

🕵️ Keep an eye out for a hint where the basement door is; watch out, it lasts only 20 seconds! 

🔓 Count the remaining locks right on your screen!

🙅 Neighbors won’t change in the beginning of the match anymore (yes, we’re looking at you ‘early’ catchers 🦹‍♂️)

🧰 Many other fixes and under-the-hood improvements

🐷Unlock exclusive content in Piggy Build Mode by earning the coveted "Welcome to the Neighborhood" badge!


Team-up and UNLOCK the basement door. Sticking together is THE key to success!

🤫Unmask THE traitor
Look-around and BEWARE of the masked NEIGHBOR! 👀 

🧐Outsmart the Neighbor
Don’t let The Neighbor brag with the win!

🎃Dress for the occasion
With Neighbor Skins or Rescue Squad Costumes, it’s your time to shine ✨


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