Time to catch some zombies! Improve your tycoon, open new planets and upgrade your harpoon. Try to be the best zombie catcher in the world. 💪

If the servers get shutdown it is mean that game is updated.

Update log:
- Aliens!
- New UGC
- Bug fixes

Press F to use hoverboard

How to play:
- Buy buttons to make your shop better.
- Catch zombies and put them in to wheels.
- Get juices from zombies and sell them.
- Be the best shop in the world.

Some gameplay tips:
- Darker zombies will make more juice
- You can click to a shelf to put the juice back

- You can leave a feedback in game menu.

- This game is fully developed by @hdmete00.

This game is inspired by the mobile game "Zombie Catchers".


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