🌟 Welcome to Clone Kingdom Tycoon 🌟 Build a huge clone army! Your progress saves. Earn coins with elixir collectors or collect bounties from other people to upgrade your army. You can control your army! Join the group, Elemental XYZ, for updates and awesomeness! 👍 If you enjoy our game, please leave a Like and Favourite - it would mean a lot to us! 

Developer - wickedorange23 😃 
Co-Scripter - PlaasBoer 😊
Tester - PrettyNahNah 🛠️ 
Contributor/Ideas - Aurtheus, ShadyXV ✌️ 
Translator [RU] - nectikon 😇
Translator [PL] - PlayLifeStyle 😄


Next Update: 
+Bug fixes 


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